What’s the best way to learn a language? That’s what I’m interested in! I’ve learned several languages and have always been very eager to find out how to learn them quickly and effectively. After years of experimenting, helping someone like you to learn German is what makes me really happy.

Here is a little bit of my story

About Vera

I am a German native speaker and I grew up in Berlin. I still love living in this wonderfully unique European city.

Learning with me also means that I will introduce you to all the beautiful and special places around here.

Having studied languages in Germany and Italy, I did my MA in Communication focussing on German as a Foreign Language.
I studied and compared all kinds of self-directed learning methods. The older ones with books, and also the new online ones – and finally wrote my master’s thesis on this subject. Over the course of two years, I took a really dive deep into the subject. My conclusion was clear and simple:

Most online courses are just too anonymous and impersonal. The key to learning is to develop a personal relationship with the language. I therefore decided to fill this gap and in 2016 I founded my own language school, “Lingua Vera”.

Together with my team, we developed a new approach to online learning and created “Deutsch mit Vera” – an online course that is also very personal.
I would love to explain to you in detail how it works.
To find out more, check out my free 3-day introductory tour here and see how I can help you to learn German.

Best wishes from Berlin