… or in fact any other language? That’s what I’m interested in ever since I was a child. My parents had many international friends – so listening to foreign languages was just there for me and I was incredibly attracted to the sound of the different languages and super eager to find out how to learn them. And now – helping someone (like you) to learn German is what makes me really happy.

I will explain to you in detail how you can learn with me in my free info mails (see below) how you can learn with me.

About Vera

And here is a little bit of my story

I am a German native speaker and I grew up in Berlin. I still live in this very special European city, (and learning with me also means that I will show you all the beautiful and unique places around here).

I studied languages in Germany and Italy and I completed my MA in Communication and German as a Foreign Language. Then over time I studied and compared all kinds of self learning methods. The older ones with books, and also the „new online“ ones – and finally dedicated my master thesis to this subject.

Two years went by to really dive deep into the subject. And – to make a long story short – I found out that there is definitely a missing link.

The missing link

The missing link is a course which is online – but still personal:

Online because

  • it is easy to read and work with on any contemporary device
  • it has lot’s of dialog movies and
  • animated grammar explanation, etc.

and personal because

  • you have personal contact to me (your teacher) via email
  • and printable PDF work sheets for analog pen and paper lovers.

So, I decided to fill this gap and founded „Lingua Vera“. Together with my team we started to develop this new course. And here it is.

Get my free info mails where I explain to you in detail how it works and check out if that can work for you. I would be happy to help you to learn Geman with my fun and simple method!

What’s in it for you?
Have a look at the course structure and some lessons. Sign up here and I will take you backstage and show you around.

Many regards from Berlin