St. Nicholas’ Day owes its name to the Holy Bishop of Myra, born in the third century in Lycia (southwest of Antalya, now Turkey) and christened “Nicholas”. The name comes from the Greek and means something like “victory of the people”.

After he was ordained priest in his homeland at the age of 19, he moved to the city of Myra, also a city of today’s Turkey. There he was consecrated bishop in 325 AD and thus bishop of Myra.

“St. Nicholas was a merciful bishop.”
— Wikipedia

According to stories, the bishop lived up to his name and always acted merciful. So he should have donated the considerable fortune, which he inherited from his wealthy parents, completely to the poor.

Nikolaus Tag – St. Nicholas’ day
The 6th of December is commonly considered the anniversary of the death of St. Nicholas. This day is celebrated in memory of his good deeds. Here is also the origin of the holiday to see.
Saint Nicholas as savior and giftgiver.

St. Nicholas is said to come through the chimney each year on the day of his death, bringing gifts to children who were good and kind. He puts the gifts in the boots, shoes or socks, which are hung by the fireplace.

Since a lot of people don’t have a fireplaces anymore, Children put shoes or boots outside the children’s room. The next morning they are filled with nuts, chocolate, oranges and maybe little presents.

Schönen Nikolaus!