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How long can a word be in German?

In a lot of languages nouns can be put together to form new nouns or more specific nouns. For example. There is a house and a garden. Or you put these two together and you have a garden house – a small house in the garden.

In German it is der Garten and das Haus and if you put them together they really become one word:

das Gartenhaus (the article always come from the last word – well, it is still das Haus, which is in a garden)

Putting together two nouns in German is nothing, though. We can have really long words, and I mean reeeeeaaaaaaaalllllllyyyyyyyy long!

To prove that, I will show you a funny video in a minute but will give you some words beforehand:

der Rhabarber = the rhubarb

der Kuchen = the cake

die Bar = the bar

der Barbar = the barbaria
die Barbaren (Plural)

der Bart = the beard
die Bärte (Plural)

der Barbier = the barber

das Bier = the beer


Now, here is the video:


  1. Thats really confusing for me. I dont understand a single words in the video.

  2. Make a more new posts please 🙂

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