Today is the last day of our advent calendar. It ends on the 24th of december.

The 24th is the most important day of Christmas in Germany. It is actually not a public holiday. The stores are still open half a day, but usually later that day the families come together and eat together and do the „Bescherung“ that means to give the presents. Some families with smaller children do it in the afternoon and some after the meal in the evening. The family traditions vary but some people might sing together, some unwrap the presents all together, some do it one by one, some might go to church later that evening.

The 25th and 26th of december are public holidays. Shops are closed and people usually don’t work. Families might go to their parents or grandparents or parents-in-law these days.

Anyway today – the 24th – is what we call the „holy evening“ = der heilige Abend

Merry Christmas everyone! Schöne und frohe Weihnachten!