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Spekulatius = ginger or almond cookie

A special kind of Christmas cookies is called Spekulatius. The most common kind is the Spice Ginger Cookie. Spices are cardamom, clove and cinnamon. The cookies are baked in special forms with motifs sun as farmhouses, windmills or even elephants.

Advent Wreath – Adventskranz

A German tradition in the Advent season is to have an Advent wreath. They come in different shapes and sizes but all have four candles. Each of the four Advent Sundays we will light a candle.

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Advent Season officially starting

Tomorrow is the day when the Advent Season officially starts in Germany.
But today – December 1st – is the day when the countdown towards Christmas starts with our tradition of the Advents Calendars (Adventskalender)

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How long can a word be in German?

In a lot of languages nouns can be put together to form new nouns or more specific nouns. For example. There is a house and a garden. Or you put these two together and you have a garden house – a small house in the garden.

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Using pen and paper

I like to give students a picture story with blank speech or thought bubbles and a word bank with phrases to choose from to fill in the blank bubbles. But…

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Good luck

To keep one’s fingers crossed means „I wish you luck“ – but not in Germany!

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