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to glow = glühen
Glühwein or Mulled wine is something the Germans drink in the Christmas time… or just in the wintertime – mostly found on Christmas markets though.
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Another German Christmas Song

Today we have another German Christmas Song for you! Everybody knows it.
“Leise rieselt der Schnee”

Check out the lyrics:

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A cookie called Vanille Kipferl

Here is a very easy recipe for a traditional German Christmas cookie called Vanille Kipferl. Yes something with Vanilla – that was not hard to figure out.
See! German is easy. Now let’s bake…

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Second Advent sunday

Do you remember the German word for Advent Wreath?
Yes! Adventskranz!

And today is the second Advent sunday which means we can light the second candle (die Kerze) on the Advent Wreath.
So for this week, we always light two candles!
Happy second Advent! Schönen zweiten Advent!
That is what you say when you meet someone or when you part.
Tschüss und einen schönen zweiten Advent!

by the way,
one more thing…:

You could also wish someone a happy birthday today: Tanja from the Lingua-Vera-Team has her birthday today!

And how do we say “happy birthday” in German? Well, something like this:

Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag!
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
Schönen Geburtstag!
Herzliche Grüße zum Geburtstag!

Dominosteine – a German specialty

A special sweet Christmas treat is called Dominostein or Dominosteine (Plural).
Der Stein“ is a stone. So it is a domino stone.

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German Christmas words

Today we are going to look at some important Christmas words using a little learning app.

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St. Nicholas’ Day owes its name to the Holy Bishop of Myra, born in the third century in Lycia (southwest of Antalya, now Turkey) and christened “Nicholas”. The name comes from the Greek and means something like “victory of the people”.

After he was ordained priest in his homeland at the age of 19, he moved to the city of Myra, also a city of today’s Turkey. There he was consecrated bishop in 325 AD and thus bishop of Myra.

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Christmas market – Weihnachtsmarkt

Starting in the last week of November we have lots of Christmas markets.
Unfortunately, some are quite commercial but some are really cosy, really nice. There is Glühwein (spiced red wine), bratwursts, cookies, German potato pancakes which we eat with apple sauce. Choirs sing and brass bands play christmas music. One can buy Stollen (a special cake) and Christmas tree decoration and more.

Christmas market – Der Weihnachtsmarkt
Spiced red wine – Der Glühwein

I love Christmas markets! Sie sind sehr schön! The cosy ones.

Silent night, holy night

Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht

“Silent night, holy night” (Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht) is not German but Austrian. Every person, who speaks German knows it by heart.

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Spekulatius = ginger or almond cookie

A special kind of Christmas cookies is called Spekulatius. The most common kind is the Spice Ginger Cookie. Spices are cardamom, clove and cinnamon. The cookies are baked in special forms with motifs sun as farmhouses, windmills or even elephants.

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