I like to give students a picture story with blank speech or thought bubbles and a word bank with phrases to choose from to fill in the blank bubbles. But…

It happens a lot that students don’t write the phrases but just put numbers to the sentences and then put numbers in the bubbles…. BUT THAT IS NOT GOOD…. if you want to learn a language. Well, you might be perfect with the numbers soon.

Most of the time I stand in front of them with a gesture showing that from my finger goes a spark up my arm, my shoulder and neck into my brain…. and that is what I believe and what is scientifically proven.


Write something

It is much better to actually write the sentences. We need 70 to 200 contacts with a word until it really sticks and until we can use it properly. And that is the reason why it is good to take every possible opportunity to read, write, hear and say a word or a phrase or a sentence.

And that is also because it is good to actually work with pen and paper – at least sometimes. The technical tools are great but it’s also good to do things the old fashioned way every once in a while. We tend to remember things better once we have written them down. And if we write them down more than once it helps us to have more „contact“ with the word or phrase or sentence. Furthermore, it helps you to get more familiar with the new beautiful German language. Try it.

Get a nice notebook

How about you buy a nice notebook, which you only use for your German course. Maybe a very nice pen, too. You can write down all the exercises you’ll get from me. Plus, you can also take notes. And if you want to, you can always write something for me. Any topic is good for me. You can write about yourself and your family, where you live, what you like. And if that is too personal and you don’t want to give that information, just make something up. Be creative. The content is not the most important thing. Just write something. Anything. And if you want to write it with pen and paper or in your beautiful notebook then just take a picture with your phone and send it to me. That also works. I will correct it and give you a feedback. I am looking forward to reading something from you! And remember we need 70 – 200 contacts with a word or phrase until it is really learned.